In May 2002 my good friend Seth posted about a global treasure hunting sport based on GPS coordinates. A mix of gadgets, hiking with the dog, and booty? Say no more - I was hooked! Since then Jill and I have found more fun greenspace in the area than I would have thought existed. Geocaching is also a great activity to do while on trips elsewhere - we have geocached in 8 U.S. states as well as Scotland.

Hit 600 finds in December 2003! - The "Official" Global GPS Cache Hunt Site
A history of geocaching
Your Cache Page (requires registration)

MnGCA - Minnesota Geocaching Association. MN folks working to keep caching legal in the state, organizing events, and promoting the sport. Nice website, eh?
MnGCA forum
Minnesota page on

Map of MN caches.
Map of Mpls/St. Paul metro caches.

Caches I've placed.
Caches I've found.

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