Slope Soaring Links:
  MRCSS - Local soaring club, both slope and thermals. Nice website, eh? - Site dedicated to slope soaring. Lists good flying sites nationwide.
  The Lift Zone - RCGroup's e-zine and discussions on all things RC soaring.
  Lift Zone's excellent slope forum.

Electric RC Links:
  The E Zone - Web's best electric RC information; RCGroups e-zine and great forums.
  MARCEE - Our local electric RC club. Nice club president, eh?
  Remote Control Aerial Photography - Search by Photographer, Chad Towle, to see my photos.

St. Paul Weather Links:
  Launch Code, St. Paul - 3 day graphical forcast of wind, cloud cover, temp...
  NWS Current Conditions, St. Paul - National Weather Service report.
  Intellicast Windcast - Graphical wind forecast.